Trying my hand at an outdoors market

I borrowed a 3m x 3m gazebo, made myself a banner, and took some of my printed artwork along to the local Classic Car Rally where I had a whale of a time. Lovely people, all of them ... the visiting public, the car exhibitors and my fellow traders. It was a lot of fun talking to everybody and I loved that so many people stopped to look, sometimes to ask questions or just chat, sometimes to offer approval or encouragement, and occasionally buy a print or two. In the past few months I've had people buying rolled canvasses, mounted canvasses and framed prints, to take them home to put on walls not just in Scotland, England and Ireland, but the European mainland, India, Asia and Australia too. Yesterday I was delighted to be told by a customer that my 'Rainy Day' fusion print was headed to Oklahoma ! :-) So cool 8-)

Nights without darkness.

This photo was taken last night at 1.00 am in the field right next to my house. In the middle of a midsummer night at high latitudes, the northern sky can be awash with the painted light of noctilucent clouds, and stars are barely visible except to the south.

Steamboat Inn at Carsethorn

Another painting from a photograph, this is the view at low tide from close to the Steamboat Inn at Carsethorn. Criffel rises beyond with a cap of cloud lit up by the summer sunset.

Print shop (1 new item)

If you want one of the bigger prints onto cotton canvas, cotton paper or Baryta, and/or in a frame that you've maybe seen at an exhibition, craft show or market, drop me a message. To buy one of the smaller 8" x 10" ready to frame prints, click on the etsy link under the picture.

Another day, another flower arrangement:-)

This one will go in a black box frame like that of my 'autumn leaves' print ...

Whites and yellows in the grass

A few warm days and everything is blooming. I found these yellows and whites in the grass, attracting the attention of both the bees and my camera. This is a printed flower arrangement in a black box 20 x 20 inch glazed frame. Print size is 16 x 16 inches.

Colour negative bird strike on glass window

An unknown bird flew into a Moffat window and left its impression on the glass.

Colour positive bird strike on glass window

An unknown bird flew into a Moffat window and left its impression on the glass.

Stall at the Lockerbie Farmers Market

Some of my prints at the Lockerbie Farmers Market

Moon and stars

The 21st January lunar eclipse.

Rockaway 2019

A return to Bognor :-)