Sunbeams over Moffat

After a wild day of high wind and torrential rain, some spectacular skies.

Treeline, hills and cloudy sky.

The hills are to the south east, rising above the A708 Moffat to Selkirk road. To the left is 'Broken Back', and to the right, Croft Head.


After the first meaningful rain in weeks, primroses bloom in the forests above Moffat.

Seeding dandelion

This picture was created from four photos taken at different focus depths so as to try to maintain a crisp focus throughout the seed head.

view from queensberry summit

A view from the summit of Queensberry across part of the Harestanes wind farm.

on the snow

On the now at last :-) From home it was 5 miles ride on tarmac before picking up a forestry/wind farm track for another 5 miles, then when I couldn't get any higher on the bike, it was a change to running shoes for a stiff but pretty short hoof to Queensberry's summit. It was fab to spend 3 hours soaking up the sun, making some useful vitamin D and attempting to put some colour into my pasty legs. The ride on the track was sketchy at times, but once again, my venerable old Dawes touring bike showed its merit.

snow patch on queensberry

The remaining depth on the snow patch is perhaps 1 metre at most, maybe 5 metres in height, and less than 100 metres long. A small chance it'll last until the beginning of May, but it's melting away very fast.

run out of road

Parking the bike for the hoof up to Queensberry.

harestanes wind farm

At Harestanes wind farm.

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