Sweet Pea Nursery

It's the 12th March and I've just sown the seeds that I soaked overnight. I have two 4x6 seed trays containing 115 potentials planted 2 or 3 to a pot.

Gaffer's shadow

I liked the shapes, the light and the shadow made by the sunlight on the roll of gaffer tape on the carpet. Pointless and purely indulgent photography with a 50 yr old Zeiss Jena 135 lens.

Aurora (1 new item)

Some aurora pix from Moffat and its surroundings.

Print shop (9 new items)

Hand crafted, fine pigment ink landscapes onto cotton canvas or heavyweight textured watercolour paper, and mounted in wooden frames or acid free, bevel-edged card mounts ready for standard sized picture frames.

Western Isles by bike

Photos taken over a ride around Barra and the Uists

West Drumochter

A round from the pass of Drumochter

A Sunday stroll

A walk around Moffat with son number one.

Porridge Cairn from Megget Stone

A skin up to explore and ski down the wind scoured eastern slopes of Broad Law

Enterkin from Dalveen

A Lowthers stravaig

Culter Fell

Culter Fell - An 11 mile loop from Birthwood.