The Leverets in a virtual frame

It's nearly springtime, and I've been working on a new picture for the upcoming markets

This one is inspired by the hares that visit our garden and I hope to be making framed prints and greetings card using this design.

My stall at Dumfries

View from railway bridge


The farmers' market at Dumfries is held under cover at the railway station and is well-sheltered from the elements.

Dumfries Farmers' Market

Some of the other traders.

High above Loch Skeen in the Moffat Hills

Seen from Talla Nick while enjoying a wee ski tour in the Moffat Hills.

Upper Talla Burn

In winter, it's easier to imagine the forces that created these glacial drumlins.

Dalveen Pass

A quick outing on the snow before the rain washed it away.


Printed on canvas at 60" x 32", this one has taken me around 150 hours.

Dumfries Farmers' Market

My first ever Dumfries Farmers' Market gave me the opportunity to show one of my new pictures.

Crookedstane painting

I've kept coming back to this one and it had become a bit of an obsession to get it all right (in my view of course :-) ), but I think it's nearly ready for the outside world !

Southerness 'Starry Night'.

Still in progress, but I've been working on painting the view at night near Southerness lighthouse and across the Solway to Cumbria in the style of Van Gogh's Starry Night series. I started with a notion of staying with Van Gogh's style but it went somewhere else ! The Milky Way rising from the horizon to the left of the lighthouse became the emanations from a volcano, and then became a dragon with its wings eventually connecting the stars in the sky with the rest of our galaxy. With apologies to the landscape purists ....

Scottish Pow

Two Scottish Pows ! Beyond Glasgow's Scottish Power building and distant Dumgoyne in the Campies, the Southern Highlands are white topped under a mantle of fresh snow. Winter is coming :-)