Pix from the markets

Despite its challenges, thanks to an investment in a sturdy gazebo, 2020 offered me lots of opportunities to show and sell my pictures.

Bumblebees framed

I've been working on this picture over the past few weeks, inspired by Moffat's wild meadow spring and early summer flowers so loved by the bumble bees. As the gloomy nights draw in, it's worth remembering that it's less than six months until the clocks go forward for British Summertime. This is the first of the prints I've made and I've been experimenting with frames, but think it looks good in this ivory matted white one. The print is 8" x 11" (frame is about 13"x16") and it will see its first outing this weekend at Colvend and Kirkcudbright farmers markets.

Gazebo gallery

Here's my stall at the Dumfries producers market. I've been really pleased with this gazebo that I bought a few months ago. As we've come out of COVID hiding it's allowing me to show my creations more effectively at markets and fairs with both a tiered and a hanging display, something that I never could with an open trestle table, and it helps to maintain better 'social distancing' too.

On the wall.

And here's a photo the buyer sent me of the canvas mounted on their wall. And looking pretty fabulous though I say so myself :-)

Crookedstane print.

Made to an order, this is the biggest print I've ever created. From my photo to my painting, the picture itself took over 200 hours but I was safely away with the fairies as I was doing that. However the artwork layout, printing, varnishing, stretching and finishing of this 6 foot by 3 foot gallery wrap canvas was rather nerve-wracking, knowing all the things that could go wrong, and it was a relief to get it safely done.

Hares in the garden

The hares are back in the garden.

Busy Bees

I love this time of the year when the bees are mobbing the rhododendrons and are so absorbed by their nectar gathering that they pay no attention to a lens just a few inches away.

Elephant Hawk Moth

I saw this striking, large pink and brown moth on a wall in our garden one early June evening. It's an Elephant Hawk Moth, a nighttime nectar feeder that is said to hover outside of its chosen flower, feeding like a hummingbird.

Croft Head and back

I've been getting back into running and this route to Croft Head and back from Moffat is one I've been building up to. Probably not the best time to do it with the roasting weather, and my calves are really feeling it now, but worth it for the views. …

bike ride via eskdalemuir

The Moffat and Eskdalemuir loop is one of my favourite cycle rides. It's 102 km with 1800 metres of climbing so pretty hard work on the legs, but the roads are quiet and the scenery you pass by is sublime.