Loch Skeen in winter

February 11th 2021, the weather has been cold for a while and Loch Skeen is in its winter coat.

Avalanche across path up the hill

The rubble from the avalanche contained some huge blocks of rock that had been carried down by the snow.

Drumlins and mountains on the path to Loch Skeen

The drumlins in the foreground and midground trick the eye, appearing to be as large as the distant mountains but being only 3-4 metres high.

Ice by the tail burn

The Tail Burn bubbles its way from the loch to the waterfall below, and the prolonged cold weather has partially frozen its waters.


This little tree sits on an island in the loch.

Wind formed snow at the loch edge

The forms of sastrugi extend across the snow fields yo the edge of the frozen loch.

Loch Skeen panorama.

Pristine snow and ice cover the entire landscape on, around and above Loch Skeen.

Here's the post-snow view from about the same spot ... www.rossofmoffat.com/albums...