One day, it'll all come together, and I'll capture a near perfect shot. I want snow on the ground all around the ruined buiding in the foreground, a little bit of moonlight and a bright aurora to 30 degrees above the horizon. Until then, I'll keep trying whenever I get the opportunity.

On Beattock Hill

A couple of miles from Moffat, there's an old, ruined fort not far off the crooked road that winds up from Beattock on the way to Earshaig under Queensberry. This shot was taken 28th September 2016 at this spot which makes a great viewpoint to the north and east, ideal for aurora watchers.

Aurora over Moffat

Around 10.30 pm on 1st March 2017, rays dancing on the horizon. Unfortunately, the cloud rolled in about 1/2 hour later.

Blackhope aurora

I caught this aurora at the head of Blackhope Glen near Moffat. Vertical beams danced up from the summit of Hart Fell.

half moon in the east

Near perfect conditions for aurora photography ... a low but bright moon to illuminate the landscape, but not too bright to drown out the light of the auroral beams.

rising beams

Aurora over Moffat.

Sony A7II and Minolta Rokkor 35 f/2.8