Gazebo gallery

Here's my stall at the Dumfries producers market. I've been really pleased with this gazebo that I bought a few months ago. As we've come out of COVID hiding it's allowing me to show my creations more effectively at markets and fairs with both a tiered and a hanging display, something that I never could with an open trestle table, and it helps to maintain better 'social distancing' too.

On the wall.

And here's a photo the buyer sent me of the canvas mounted on their wall. And looking pretty fabulous though I say so myself :-)

Crookedstane print.

Made to an order, this is the biggest print I've ever created. From my photo to my painting, the picture itself took over 200 hours but I was safely away with the fairies as I was doing that. However the artwork layout, printing, varnishing, stretching and finishing of this 6 foot by 3 foot gallery wrap canvas was rather nerve-wracking, knowing all the things that could go wrong, and it was a relief to get it safely done.