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The pressure barrel was filled with about 35 pints from a 40 pint ferment, but here's what's left of the hoppy pale that I brewed a few weeks ago. It's a home brew called Golden Stag (bought in the Edinburgh brew store) which is an excellent 'summer ale' kit. A couple of hours of preparation (sterilisation and rinsing mainly) then add your warm wort and water mix, top up to 40 pints, add your yeast, seal up the tub with a lid and airlock, keep it at between 20 and 25 C and away you go. On day 5 add dry hops, seal it up again and…


Beer in a glass

Nicely clear after just 15 days from the get-go.

Latitude Festival

Sony NEX-6 and Minolta MD 28 f/2.8 - I can't remember how many times we've been to Latitude, we started going around 2008 or 2009, and this year's one was as good as any of them.