Rockaway at Butlins Bognor

All taken with a Sony NEX-6 and a 35 year old Pentax 17 mm lens (I'd left the Minolta adaptor for the 28 and 50 I had with me on the Sony A7II back at home, d'oh ! A long weekend with some old friends and regulars to music festivals, Butlins have temporarily at least taken over from ATP for hosting interesting holiday camp music. Shook hands with Lee 'Scratch' Perry at this one :-)


The timings were arranged so as the bands rarely overlapped. There were a few more not listed here but there wasn't much excuse not to see everything.


Patch and the first beer - our cans were much nicer than the muck that Butlins served - Guinness and Worthington Creamflow at about a degree above freezing with an aftertaste of bile - still we managed.


Talk about tawdry - this was 'Kagoule' - the first act we watched and I didn't get it. A sort of slug grunge sludge, maybe I was tired after my journey from bonny Scotland, or maybe I'm just too old to get it, but there was no energy in it for me.

Butlins bogs

The corridor leading out of the smelly 'men's room'. Someone was just opening the door as I clicked.


They were OK.


What else do you take a picture of when you've only got a wide angle lens with you ?


The sound people and the audience just textin' away.

We are Scientists

There's life in them.

Glow seats

Tim, Patch & my brother Dazza, taking a break.

Saint Etienne

At least I think it was Saint Eienne. Anyway, they didn't inspire.

Tim's ear

To get a wide angle this close, it has to be your friend, or a friendly stranger.

Cover shot

Hungover prom photography.


I liked the lines on this one.


Strolling along, playing chicken with the gulls.


Bognor Pier


Some morning boats had been hauled out of the water by trailer.

Worm casts

Under the pier.

Tim & Patch.

Waking up, but not yet wide awake.

Strong and British

After the Brexit vote, and the plumetting Pound, how long will it be until we can export bin bags to China ?


I've never seen a pair on a live human being, or maybe I have but didn't know it. Gotta be too cold and wet up here for them anyway.

Butlins marquee

Now this beer was nice and tasted good cold. A North American weissbier. Don't remember what it was called - hair of the dog ?

Ten pee falls

Not many music venues with slot machines all around you.

Bloody Knees

Proper grunge, and energetic, enthusiastic and happy to be playing. They were excellent.

Audience shadows

So much noise in this image that it could only be monochromed.

Jah Wobble

Didn't really inspire me.

Lee Scratch Perry

This audience looks quite big but it wasn't. They were all next door waiting for Killing Joke.

Lee S Perry

Funky Rasta colours - he mostly passed the time drinking other people's wine.

Lee B/W

I shook his hand a minute later. When I was a yoof, he was a hero. He's 80 years old, older than my Dad, and makes me feel young.


They were on at around 1.00 am IIRC. Quite bonkers.


They were alright.

Sunday morning

Eyes wide shut.


Like Moffat, Bognor gets rain too but it must be rarer because its people take time out to shelter from it

Hand in the machine

Tim's hand no less.He made a plastic pot full of two pees last a whole hour and gained a couple of plastic monsters too.


Lots of songs loosely about astrophysics and stuff, which I appreciated.

Damo Suzuki.

Hmmm ... This was 15 minutes into a 'song' that went on forever. Sounded a bit like Bauhaus, but their songs were shorter.

Killing Joke

It was busy so couldn't be rrr'sed to get any closer.

Cat's Eyes

Most excellent. Really good in fact.

Man in Moon.

TBH, I can't remember much about their sound but I did enjoy it.