A series of pix that tells a story I thought would be worth sharing. The photos were shot out of upstairs and downstairs windows in rather low light through 30 and 50 year old manual focus 35 mm SLR lenses. Anyhow, we've been blessed with hares visiting our garden for years now, but this summer they've been here in abundance in a variety of age groups and we've recently been privileged to see a brood of leverets being nursed each evening shortly after sunset. Their behaviour pattern follows the naturalist's text book with our youngsters arriving at dusk one by one, excitedly greeting each other, and after a little grazing (on the herbs growing in the gravel), eventually they gather in a huddle (impatiently and rather forlornly) waiting for mum. After a quick scoff at her teats, they bound away and play, before dad, who's been waiting in the wings, joins his family and they run off down the track together for some family time. I really couldn't have made it up if I'd tried, and it's been like watching a Beatrix Potter story on the doorstep :)