A bike and hike snow patch recce on Hart Fell.

Two smaller snow patches

The Saddle Yokes are the other side of Blackhope Glen towards the middle of this shot

At 770 m asl

The big patch was at around 770m ASL.

Black Hope Glen

Another view along the glen from near to Hart Fell summit.

ID plate.

On Hart Fell trig point.

Trig marker

Trig marker design on Hart Fell.

Hart Fell summit

The hill's summit is a dull, flat and usually very windy spot, but the steep landscape around it is lovely.

Arthur's Seat

In some local Arthurian legend, despite Arthur and Merlin not being known to Scotland, Merlin and Arthur were supposed to have hung out at this unassuming spot. Perhaps that's just a retrospective explanation for its presence on the OS mapping !

Green veined white

The green veined white is common in the mountain glens near Moffat.

In the cleuch

A wee scramble in places up the cleuch.

A wee scramble through the rocks

Behind the rocks to left of picture is normally a fabulous mossy waterfall, but it's all but dried up just now.

Hart Fell spa

The spa in the bottom of the cleuch.

Perfect weather for hiking

On the way to Hart Fell spa.

Angel of the North.

New bracken is growing everywhere.

Above Black Hope glen.

The main patch abover Black Hope Glen.

The bigger of the snow patches I found

The photo doesn't show the scale and depth of this patch, probably 10 metres by 30 metres at a pitch of 30 degrees, and 3 metres depth in places.

Annan Water

A idyllic spot near to the end of Old Edinburgh Road, Moffat.

Hare's Tail cotton grass.

Hare's tail cotton grass is one of my favourite mountain plants.

On the way back down

The long drag down to Annan Water hall.

Near Arthur's Seat

Distant Queensberry from near to Arthur's Seat.

On the snow

One of the smaller snow patches I found, but at a safe pitch for a selfie !